Pam Jeremy 4Sight Vision Support volunteer“I have been a volunteer at 4Sight Vision Support for 12 years and my decision to do this came soon after being registered blind in 2002.  When I was first told I had macular, I was devastated; I realised I would no longer see my family’s features or be able to drive my car.  I felt that I had been robbed of my future and my independence.  Due to the condition I was unable to continue in a job that I loved and I was left wondering what I would do with my time.  I had always worked since the age of 14 so the prospect of not being able to do this filled me with trepidation.

However, at my time of most need 4Sight Vision Support offered me a life line and an opportunity to utilise skills that I had spent my life developing.  When I first heard about 4Sight Vision Support I didn’t automatically think about volunteering.  Life had become much more difficult and I found it a challenge to do things that I had previously taken for granted.  4Sight Vision Support has helped me immensely with the range of products available.  I have been able to continue cooking with the help of the talking microwave and scales, I can keep in contact with friends through the phones I have purchased from 4Sight Vision Support, and the talking watches and clocks have also made my life easier on a day to day basis.

I have also gained so much from the friendships that I have made through 4Sight Vision Support.  I have made close friendships and a small group of us have regularly taken holidays abroad.  I have found myself in the unlikely position of riding a roller coaster in Disney World and catching fish on a deep sea fishing trip! I have also enjoyed getting to know other people in the organisation of all shapes and sizes. Colleagues have helped me out with lifts, with using the internet and generally offering support.

I am happy to help out at 4Sight Vision Support in any way that I can. I enjoy going there each week, and appreciate the sense of purpose that it gives me.  4Sight Vision Support can help in many ways.  Volunteering can help to keep you active and involved with the local community; it can create life-long friendships and provide equipment to enable you to continue to lead an independent and full life.”