Making a positive difference for people living with sight loss.


Next year we will celebrate our 100th Anniversary! We are the leading sight loss charity supporting the visually impaired community of West Sussex – Ensuring that a diagnosis of Sight Loss is not a one-way road to loss of independence and isolation.

We rely 100% on voluntary donations and offer our services free of charge to members.

Sight loss can happen to anyone of us at any time. Everyday 250 people in the UK begin to lose their sight. Today there are 30,000 people with sight loss in West Sussex alone.

Over 2000 members and 300 volunteers create a community that inspires and mentors its peers to maintain and transform their own lives into positive and fulfilling ones after sight loss.

With your support 4Sight  Vision Support will be the charity that is there for the people of West Sussex at the time when it matters most.

Your local sight support- 4Sight Vision Support

Our Support 4 You

From the 1st of October 2020 we will be resuming some face-to-face services by appointment only, in people’s homes and at our Support Centres in Bognor Regis and Shoreham-by Sea.

Please do not visit our Centres without an appointment.

To book, please phone our Head Office on 01243 828555, where you will be added to a waiting list initially and contacted by a member of our team to arrange an appointment.

We will ensure all meetings follow Covid-Safe guidelines and we are closely following the latest Government advice, and will provide further updates should our services need to change again.

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Can you Help? Our volunteers, helpers and fundraisers are invaluable to keeping 4Sight Vision Support going, but we always need more help.


There’s always something happening at 4Sight Vision Support. Find out what’s new in the 4Sight Vision Support community near you and get involved!

4Sight Vision Support member Dave Beresford

4Sight Vision Support volunteer Pam

“…At my time of most need, 4Sight Vision Support offered me a life line and an opportunity to utilise skills that I had spent my life developing…”
Read Pam’s Story here

4Sight Vision Support volunteer Pam Jeremy

4Sight Vision Support member David

“…Through the support of my Rehabilitation Officer (WSCC), RNIB and 4Sight Vision Support, my quality of life has been improved…”
Read David’s Story here

It’s so good to know that the support is there, and that people like 4Sight Vision Support are there to provide helpful advice and support.


4Sight Vision Support Member, Shoreham

I can’t praise 4Sight Vision Support enough for all their help and kindness; I’m just so pleased and relieved to finally be able to talk through my sight loss with some one that understands.


4Sight Vision Support Member, Shoreham

4Sight Vision Support is a family. You can volunteer for 4Sight Vision Support at almost any age, you have always got something to give and much to gain.


4Sight Vision Support Volunteer

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