COVID-19 – Our support for you during the 2nd National Lockdown 

Please find an update on our services following the Government’s announcement of a second national lockdown from Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 2nd December.

In line with Government guidelines, which state that people “can and should still travel to hospital, GP and other medical appointments or visits where you have had an accident or are concerned about your health”, we have taken the decision to continue offering face-to-face appointments where the need is urgent.

Since the last lockdown, we have spent the last 5 months preparing to safely resume face-to-face support. We have undertaken further robust risk assessments, have the necessary PPE in place and our headquarters (HQ) complies to Covid-19 Safe Guidelines. We also understand how important this support is to many of you and the impact a further prolonged period without it, may have on you and your loved ones.

Our face-to-face support will continue to be by appointment only, with either Tara or Karen. Appointments may take place at our HQ in Bognor Regis or your own home.

Our HQ will continue to be manned by a core team of staff, so please call us on 01243 828555 to arrange an appointment. If you don’t get through to the right person immediately, they will take a message and arrange for one of our Outreach Team to phone you back.

Unfortunately, The Shoreham Centre will be closed for the whole of the lockdown period.

Current appointments
If you already have an appointment arranged, you should have now received a phone call to check whether you would like to keep that appointment or change it to a later date. If we haven’t yet managed to reach you, please do contact us on 01243 828555 to discuss this.

Sight Care Advisors (SCA)
Our SCA, Annie Taylor and Jan Wise, will be working from home and may be contacted on the following telephone numbers: Annie – 07858128312 / Jan – 07947310651.

Welfare calls
We will be continuing with the welfare calls that we started during lockdown in April. If you need to speak to someone please contact our HQ in the first instance on 01243 828555.

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4Sight Vision Support member Dave Beresford

4Sight Vision Support volunteer and member Julia

“… I am involved with activities that even as a sighted person, I never thought I would be doing … 4Sight Vision Support can help us all grown in confidence, independence, capability and very importantly, to believe in ourselves…”
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4Sight Vision Support member David

“…Through the support of my Rehabilitation Officer (WSCC), RNIB and 4Sight Vision Support, my quality of life has been improved…”
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It’s so good to know that the support is there, and that people like 4Sight Vision Support are there to provide helpful advice and support. John

4Sight Vision Support Member, Shoreham

I can’t praise 4Sight Vision Support enough for all their help and kindness; I’m just so pleased and relieved to finally be able to talk through my sight loss with some one that understands. Wenda

4Sight Vision Support Member, Shoreham

4Sight Vision Support is a family. You can volunteer for 4Sight Vision Support at almost any age, you have always got something to give and much to gain. Jane

4Sight Vision Support Volunteer

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