Dave BeresfordI don’t do miserable because my love of life and my weird sense of humour does not allow negative thoughts.  Misery only causes bitterness, loneliness and isolation.

At the beginning of this year everything seemed to be the same as the year before but in a terrible 3 months I went from a fit person to ending up in a wheelchair and loss of sight!

Through the support of my Rehabilitation Officer (WSCC), RNIB and 4Sight Vision Support, my quality of life has been improved.
I have mentioned various people and organisations but the one who deserves above all others, this is the lady I love who has been my partner for 13 years, and who suddenly found herself my full-time carer, without her I would be housebound and the thanks I owe to her can never be repaid.

When asked I have always said I enjoy a good life and I see no reason to change this opinion just because of a couple of hiccups.

So, if you don’t give up on life then life won’t give up on you!