4Sight Vision Support Corporate Partner Morrisons Foundation

If you were diagnosed with sight loss today, how do you think it might affect how you complete day-to-day tasks?  Such as making a coffee, picking your outfit, getting to work, completing your job and watching your favourite show? 

Many of our clients face these challenges and come to us to seek emotional and practical support after diagnosis. We understand that sight loss can be a devastating and life-changing time, however our caring and trusted team can help people to adapt and get back the confidence to do the things they want to do. 

“Your support has enabled me to be confident in applying for another job and being offered the role, which I am so pleased about. I was worried I would never find a job that would accommodate me and my sight loss.” (4SVS Client)

4Sight Vision Support is committed to developing mutually beneficial partnerships with local and national corporates. We will work with you to deliver a successful collaboration impacting on both your Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) program and 4Sight Vision Support’s clients.

Here are just a few of the ways we can support each other:  

Does your company have a Charity of the Year? 

We would love to come and meet your staff, and show them what we do to support blind and partially sighted people in your area. We can provide sighted guiding training, or simply help you to become a more accessible workplace. In return your staff may be inspired to take on personal challenges, have an office raffle, or even a BBQ get together and raise funds to support our clients.  

Have you always wanted to jump out of a plane? 

Well this might be your chance! We can help support you in your ambitions, from skydives, a wingwalk, races of all lengths or even walking the great wall of China. If you have always wanted to do something and not known where to start we can help. Everything from fundraising and training tips to providing a shirt with your name, so everyone can cheer you on. 

Encourage your staff to socialise. 

Getting your staff together to socialise is a great way to increase productivity as well as networking and finding new solutions to problems. Why not have an office bake off? Everyone loves cake, and even the least creative staff can be inspired to have a go if there is a little competition, and the winners get to see the difference they can make to a blind or partially sighted person’s day.  

Money is tight, but you can still help… 

We are all feeling the cost of living, including our clients who have higher electricity costs to power the lights and technology they need everyday. Your staff can still help in non-monetary ways. Why not collect up unwanted gifts for us to use as raffle or tombola prizes. We love to recycle and are happy to collect all sorts of household items that we all have in our homes like old phones, coins, ink cartridges and we can even get money for old scrap cars!  

Finally, its all about spreading the word 

We love to get involved with our local community, and if you have a big presence on social media, internal websites or even a good old fashioned notice board. Help us promote our services to potential clients, their families, friends and neighbours. Help us to find others who might be able to take part in an event, sponsor our raffle or a shop to have a collection box for loose change.

If you would like more information please contact the Fundraising Team by email fundraising@4sight.org.uk or phone 01243 838 001