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Our vision is for everyone living with sight loss in our county, to receive the support they need to enable them to lead a life without limits.

We create personalised support plans to help people access support and maintain their independence after a sight loss diagnosis. Using a holistic, person-centred approach, we provide advice, accessibility aids and a caring, friendly and inclusive community.

We have now been supporting blind and sight impaired people across West Sussex for over 100 years. During this time we have seen some significant changes – from our way of life, employment opportunities, methods of communication and the growth in technology.

Services we had introduced in the 1980s are still in place today – we have two resource centres and a strong network of locally based leisure and activity clubs. Our home visiting service moved to become an Outreach Service with highly skilled members of staff, rather than volunteers, meeting the need for more specialist knowledge and support on a broad range of topics. These include: advice on eye health, low vision, benefits and concessions, equipment aids and what is now a growing range of accessible technology devices and systems.

While the type of support we provide has had to adapt to meet the changing needs of our members and the increasing demand for our support, what hasn’t changed, and in fact has become even more necessary in the past year, is the need to communicate. Moving from Braille and Moon in the 1920s to mobile phones and video calls in the 2020s.

Championing and campaigning for the needs and rights of blind and sight impaired people continues to be a sector-wide priority, too. Feelings of isolation continue to be felt keenly and our volunteers are still playing a vital role in helping us reach out and support people across our county.


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To find out how 4Sight Vision Support can support you or someone you know living with sight loss, or more information about how you too can support our fundraising effort, call our friendly team on: 01243 828 555 or email enquiries@4sight.org.uk