Living in Lockdown – Pamela

Our Outreach Team has had the privilege of speaking to lots of our members, hearing how you have each found ways to live through lockdown.

Here, Pamela, shares her experience:


I am a normal 80 year old and this is my philosophy: we are all here to help each other.

I do get days when I am down and want it to all be over, but I still have a bit of life in me and I am protecting my children.

It is no good just sitting here all day so this is my way of making the day more varied, it keeps me mentally stimulated

I spend my day by setting hourly actions, so I spend an hour doing my exercise usually a walk around my home and garden, listening to my audio books.

I also spend time calling friends and family, I try to contact different people each day to see how they are, and talk to my neighbours through the window.

Even though I can’t see to put it on properly and it probably goes everywhere, I always put my lippy on – even if it is just for the postman!


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