Sight loss can often be a very serious subject especially when talking about things such as the misconceptions, the stereotypes and the frustrations that come alongside living with a vision impairment.


I often like adopting a more light hearted approach to my disability and that’s why I wanted to take this as an opportunity to talk you through some of my funniest blind girl moments.


  1. Nearly putting concealer on my lips, thinking it was my liquid lipstick… I don’t think that look would catch on somehow. (4Sight Vision Support’s favorite funny moment!)


  1. Misjudging a step and falling down a flight of stairs and vice versa, yes tripping up the stairs is something I do quite often.


  1. Filming myself looking at my phone screen not realising it was filming and accidentally sending the weird video to my friend… Snapchat really does need to become more accessible!


  1. Trying to sit down on a London tour bus, turns out I was facing the wrong way.


  1. Having a conversation with someone, not realising that they had already left the room, turns out, the wall is a great listener.


  1. Ordering new clothes online, accidentally ordering two of the same item or something in a completely different colour to what I envisioned.


  1. Walking into a massive pillar despite using my cane.


  1. Spending 10 minutes trying to find my phone, turns out it was right under my nose the whole time.


  1. Walking into someone because I didn’t know they were standing in front of me.


  1. Tripping over someone’s feet when they’re sitting down.


And so much more!


Those were just a minority of the blind girl mishaps I come across regularly. Maybe some of these come down to my natural clumsiness but I think it makes it less awkward for me if I blame it on my vision impairment.


Are you also blind or visually impaired? What are some of your funniest blind person moments/problems? Can you relate to any of the ones I’ve mentioned? If you would also like to write a blog for 4Sight Vision Support, send them to the team at


Elin, author of ‘My Blurred World’ Blog Page


Elin runs her own blog and often covers misconceptions & stereotypes, alongside focusing on positivity and explaining how she navigates a predominantly sighted world as a severely sight impaired person, find out more here – My Blurred World .