The role of the ROVI

What does ROVI stand for?

ROVI stands for: Rehabilitation Officer for Visually Impaired

What does a ROVI do?

A ROVI will look at every aspect of a person’s everyday living that would be affected by sight.  This could be from brushing your teeth to using a computer at work.

How long will a ROVI work with someone?

A ROVI will work with a person until all their objectives and goals are met.  Their work is not time limited.

Does a person have to be registered to see a ROVI?

No.  A ROVI will see anyone who has a serious sight problem that is not corrected by glasses.

How does someone get to see a ROVI?

There a few ways a person can access ROVI services. 

  • Through registration
  • A referral from the eye clinic
  • Self-referral
  • Another professional

Where are the ROVI’s?

There are 9 ROVI’s and Assistant ROVI’s in the County – covering the entire county.

How long will a person have to wait to be seen by a ROVI?

When a person goes on the ROVI waiting list, it is only a matter of weeks before a ROVI can visit.

What about someone with a Dual Sensory Loss?

Three of the team are qualified to complete a dual sensory loss assessment in line with The Care Act 2014.

Contact 01243 642121 to make a self referral.


Our team of Outreach Workers work closely in partnership with the ROVI’s to help deliver vital support and guidance to those living with sight loss in West Sussex.