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Your data - update

4Sight Vision Support recently became the unsuspecting victim of a cyberattack where some of our data was copied. Although no financial data was accessed, some personal contact details such as names and contact details may have been affected.

We would like to reassure you that this has been reported to the appropriate authorities and measures put in place to ensure that this does not happen again and that the data that was breached was password protected.

Although we are confident that there is a minimal risk to our clients, volunteers, staff, and donors, we want to make sure we are taking appropriate and responsible action in this matter.

Bearing that in mind we wanted to make you aware of how and when we would contact you to ask for any donations/monies:

  • We may contact you to ask for payment of goods already received
  • We will never ask you for donations over the phone unless you have contacted us first requesting to donate.
  • Our email address is 
  • Our website address is
  • Our phone numbers for donating are 01243 828555 or 01243 838001

If you have any doubts about a phone call, email, or website request please contact us first on 01243 828555.