Kitchen Klub Christmas Meal – Thursday 15th December.

Our Kitchen Klub has been running for many years now at our 4Sight Vision Support Bradbury Centre in Bognor Regis, and after numerous offers of being asked  to join the group for lunch, I decided to repay the favour this year and cook the groups Christmas Dinner for them.

My day started at 8am, peeling what seemed the equivalent to a whole farm’s worth of veg, and I believe I put my last plate away at just gone 5pm. I think that says it all in regards to how hectic the day was, but hand on heart, I loved every second of it!! This being said, I do not see myself venturing into the world of hospitality and catering any time soon!!

The Kitchen Klub arrived shortly after midday and spent the next few hours singing, laughing and spreading some festive cheer in our Bradbury Room. Can’t say too much about the quality of the singing, but still, it was a great environment to be a part of.

All in all, I would like to think that the Kitchen Klub enjoyed their afternoon, as well as the food, but I suppose the evidence for that would be whether or not my services are requested at Christmas time next year!!

Dan Batchelor

4Sight Vision Support Outreach Worker

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