Mary’s Journey – Client to Volunteer


Mary has just joined the Shoreham office volunteer team and we asked her what prompted her to become a volunteer after ten years as a client,          

“Well, I always want to help and to give back to 4Sight Vision Support for the help they’ve given me. When the chance came to volunteer, I knew it would help me as much as it will help them. Although I can be nervous meeting strangers, I’m looking forward to getting to know new people.”

And will her visual impairment make a difference?

“Yes of course. It means I can’t do certain things, like filling in forms, but equally, my eyesight means I can understand how it is for other people – they don’t have to explain to me what it’s like to live with poor vision.”


We are so glad when clients also join us as volunteers, It’s a great way to feel part of the wider 4Sight Vision Support community and people with lived experience can often offer support in a different way.

If you would like to talk about how we can best support you as a volunteer and what opportunities are available, please call our team on 01243 828 555 or email:

Volunteer mary is sat at an office desk with a big smile. She has black hair which is tied back and is wearing a black long sleeved top with a purple and white shawl wrapped around her.