The image shows a young 4SVS Member with both sight loss and partial hearing loss discussing individual services and support with a member of staff.


Deafblind Awareness Week

We are supporting Deafblind Awareness Week from 27th June to 3rd July. This national initiative, from Deafblindness UK, is designed to make sure that even more people are ‘in the know’ about deafblindness.

Deafblindness is more common than people realise – around 400,000 people in the UK are affected. Everyone is affected differently, some might need to adjust settings on their TV or turn up the volume on their phone, others might need assistance dogs, canes and more formal care.

A deafblind person won’t usually be totally deaf and totally blind, but both senses will be reduced enough to cause significant challenges in everyday life. According to the NHS, these problems can occur even if hearing loss and vision loss are mild, as the senses work together and one would usually help compensate for loss of the other.

During the week, Deafblindness UK run various events, activities and campaigns to raise awareness of dual sensory loss.

Here at, 4Sight Vision Support we provide free support and specialist information to blind and sight impaired residents throughout West Sussex. Staff and volunteers are experienced in assisting people with dual sensory loss and are delighted to be lending their support to the awareness raising campaign.

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