Image of one open train ticket office with a closed one next to it. The closed one in large black letters has written across it "position closed".

Join the campaign against train ticket office closures

Our CEO, Kirstie Thomas, is urging our clients and supporters, and the wider public to make your voices heard against the planned closure of the vast majority of train ticket offices in the region. The planned closures were announced recently with a rapidly-launched public consultation period ending very soon on Wednesday 26th July. 

Ticket office closures will disproportionally affect those living with sight loss who may be unable to purchase tickets online or via a ticket machine, and frequently rely on ticket office staff not only for their purchase but as a first point of contact if they need further assistance or information – roaming staff can be hard to locate if you cannot see them. 

CEO Kirstie Thomas, who herself has a genetic form of macular degeneration, has invaluable experience and knowledge of sight loss, low vision and the complex needs of blind and sight impaired people. She comments,

“We appeal to anyone who is against these proposals to write to their MP or to respond to the consultation by letter. The UK Sight Loss Councils (SLC) and The Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) both have further information and a letter template to use on their websites.”

Kirstie adds,

“4Sight Vision Support has been providing free support and specialist information to blind and sight impaired residents of all ages, and their families and carers, throughout West Sussex for over 100 years. Accessing the rail network already presents challenges for our clients: we understand how vital it is for them to be able to travel easily and safely in order to maintain their independence and their wellbeing, for their work, to enjoy leisure activities and to keep in touch with family and friends.” 

Further information may be found on The UK Sight Loss Councils website (SLC):

and The Thomas Pocklington Trust website: 

Find out more:

If you would like support in adding your voice to the To find out how 4Sight Vision Support can support you or someone you know living with sight loss, call our friendly team on: 01243 828 555 or email