We create personalised support plans to help people access support and maintain their independence after a sight loss diagnosis. Using a holistic, person-centred approach, we provide advice, accessibility aids and a caring, friendly and inclusive community.

For more information, advice or support call us on 01243 828 555 or email enquiries@4sight.org.uk

No referral is necessary to access our support.

Client Services

Our amazing HQ team are the first point of contact, offering a caring and supportive assessment of peoples’ needs. Client Services organises referrals to our different services, signposting to other forms of support and keep clients updated via regular newsletters and ‘welfare’ calls.

Low Vision Assessment Service

Our Low Vision Specialists help clients access the correct magnification, lighting and accessibility aids to make everyday tasks easier. The team helps sight impaired people get the most out of their remaining vision.

Vision Support Services

Our dedicated, trained Vision Support Coordinators are here to work with you and act as an advocate and carry out a full needs-based assessment to ensure that all your questions and support needs are met.

Daily Living Aids

We can support finding & purchasing the right daily living aids to help you get the most out of their remaining vision and to make everyday tasks easier, including magnification devices, lighting, accessibility aids and anti-glare and ultraviolet shields.

Sight Care Advisor Service

Our qualified professionals work closely with hospital Ophthalmology teams to guide clients through the sight loss certification and registration process. We explain the support and resources available and help people to understand their sight loss condition.

Accessible Technology Service

We help blind, and sight impaired people access the latest technology to remain independent, stay in touch with family and friends, manage their finances, work, shop, and live life without limits.

Health and Wellbeing Service

We run a range of virtual and in-person clubs and activities which provide safe, friendly and supportive environments for people to participate, learn new skills, re-build confidence and share experiences.
I wanted to say how much we value what you and the whole team at 4sight have done of us in terms of managing the very difficult experience of sight loss. It’s such a lonely and distressing thing to go through and at times we have felt overwhelmed, but every time we have come to 4Sight Vision Support we have had such a warm welcome and received such great care and advice that we have come away feeling happy and hopeful that this is not the end of everything.

I have nothing but praise for the very willing help I have had from 4Sight Vision Support, such kindness and understanding. It has made all the difference knowing that there is support at hand.