New Service, Thanks to New Volunteer

This service is available to 4Sight Vision Support members across West Sussex.  If you have a watch that needs repairing or a battery replacing, please send to the Bognor Regis Centre with a note stating the problem.

Volunteer, Ken, taught himself to service and repair mechanical watches upon retirement as a new hobby.

Man opening up a silver watch. Man has grey hair and black framed glasses and is wearing a red checked shirt with blue jumper. On the table with the watch is a green matt and variety of other tools.

In December, while waiting to have my hair cut, I was talking to a lady with a white stick sitting next to me. Her watch spoke “10 am” when it was 9am. She explained that she relies on her son to change the hour twice a year using the complicated instructions. As her son is not always around, she chose to leave it on GMT. I had to admit that I had never even heard of talking watches.

On arriving home, I was looking at the volunteer section of the Chichester Observer and by pure chance came across the advert by 4Sight Support looking for a volunteer to change batteries and carry out repairs. What a coincidence!

The interview process was timely and efficient and I was pleased to join such a friendly team. More importantly, I was able to start working on replacing batteries and repairing watches in January and I am enjoying making a difference to our members’ wellbeing.

Please be aware that Ken is currently only volunteering for one afternoon per week, so do give him time to get through all the repairs.

There is a small charge for battery replacement and repairs.

Please call 01243 828555 if you have any queries.