Virtual Groups – Zoom Top Tips

In the absence of our face-to-face clubs we have been running a series of virtual online clubs/ activities and they are really starting to gather momentum.

However, we know from our own experience that hosting and accessing these can present a few challenges. We hope the following tips we have learnt along the way may prove useful.

Zoom meetings can be accessed via your computer/tablet or you can dial in via your phone.

To join a meeting:
• Simply click and follow the link sent to you. You don’t need to download the app but it can be useful for ease of use.
• Alternatively, you can access zoom via the internet.
• If you are joining by phone, call the number on the invitation and dial the meeting ID followed by a #.

– Call charges may apply. We recommend you check with your phone provider.


Meeting etiquette:
• Mute your mic when you are not talking to prevent noise interference. This can be done by pressing the spacebar or the microphone button at the bottom of the screen. You repeat the process to turn it back on.
• Say your name before you speak. This will help other users know who is talking, especially if they are calling in via phone.
• If possible, use headphones as this will help to reduce the background noise, too.


For more information, or to register your interest in joining one of tour virtual groups, please contact Area Clubs and
Activities Coordinator, Naomi Towns, on 01243 828555.



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