4Sight disused pool area

We are seeking funds to convert a disused area of our Bradbury Centre into a large communal space that could be used for 4Sight Vision Support members and the other organisations to host activities such as – tai chi and other sports groups, meetings, talks, demonstration days, social events, films, and many other initiatives.

The need:

Currently we do not have a room that can cater comfortably and safely for ‘large groups’ of people.  This puts a limitation on what clubs and activities can be offered at the Bradbury Centre, which we now aim to make more accessible and inclusive for social event and activities.  The new converted multipurpose function room area (ground floor) will not only benefit 4Sight Vision Support’s members and volunteers, but will also support many other local organisations to access the Bradbury Centre.

Project Funding:

We have been successful in securing grants from: The Clothworkers’ Foundation of £15,000, The W G Edwards Charitable Trust of £3,000 & The Screwfix Foundation of £4855. We have also received a further £5,000 from the East Preston Club and £1,000 from the Arun Area Committee.

We would love to make the most out of this Space 4 Sight as unique and delightful community area, fitted out with all the appropriate furnishings and equipment. We raised a further £2010 through the SpaceHive Crowdfunding Initiative, that included a large donation from WSCC Community Initiative Fund. This extra support will compliment the funds above and allow you to make a positive difference for people living with sight loss in your community.


To see the success of this project and the new room, click below.