Living in Lockdown – A Volunteer’s Story

We are so delighted to have had much support from our wonderful volunteers over this time. Our Outreach Team has had the privilege of speaking to lots of our members, but we couldn’t have done it all without our loyal volunteers in the West Sussex community.

Here, one of our volunteers shares their experience and how in turn it made a positive difference to them too:

Before lockdown I would volunteer at the Bognor office two days a week. On the last day I was in the office I said, “if I could do anything from home I would willingly do it.”

Not long after, I was asked if I would mind making phone calls to make sure our members were able to get food and medication and any other service that they might need. I agreed to do this and was then provided with a mobile phone and initially a list of over 700 members for me to contact. I volunteered 5 mornings a week for the most of March to August.

It was very worthwhile, and also as importantly for me it gave me something to do during this time. If I had not had this task to undertake, I would probably just have sat or just played games on my computer. I am on my own with no family living close by, so I would have been very isolated. This gave me a purpose to get up each day.

Over the time I have not only completed the initial list of members but have also completed 2 other areas, as well as completing various other tasks to support the charity. I have also helped with the mailing of the Covid-19 Newsletters, by sticking the address labels on the envelopes and stuffing the envelopes ready for postage too.

I’m looking forward to when we can get back into the office and be with people again, but I am grateful that I have been able to help members and have kept me busy and occupied through this very strange time.


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