Virtual Groups

We have set up some new groups that we will be hosting over Zoom to support members during this time and begin to re-create space for members to share stories, experiences and ask questions too. We have a range of groups including a Regular Quiz, Chatterbooks and Tech club and more.

If you would like more information or would like to join a group, please contact Naomi Towns on 01243 828555 or email

If you have other ideas of virtual groups you would like us to run or think might be of interest for others, please do contact Naomi.

I joined the Chatterbooks zoom group in October and although in the past I have found zoom meetings a little hard to access, this time I just pressed join and got in – it was so simple. It was lovely to ‘meet’ and speak with other members. We all had a great deal to talk about … I don’t feel very confident using computers, but I would definitely encourage members to give it a go – it’s easy once you have tried it a few times. – Carol, 4SVS Member

4Sight Vision Support has given me so much in the way of taking part in activities, never before even thought possible, making many new friends, and lifting my confidence!

Slideshow of 4Sight Vision Support Midhurst Tech Club

People with sight loss can often feel isolated from their communities and may find it difficult to access activities where they feel able to participate. 4Sight Vision Support clubs and specialist groups are a valuable service offering people with sight loss the opportunities to engage in social pastimes.

Along with the advantages of engaging socially, clubs offer a supportive environment to learn new skills, re-build confidence, share experiences and learn coping strategies from others facing similar challenges.  All activities are carefully considered to ensure every member can participate.  Clubs are run and supported by volunteers who have been chosen for their abilities to understand and support people with sight loss.

With just over 30 clubs around the county, 4Sight Vision Support is able to offer a variety of activities in many areas.  Activities may include; lunch & entertainment, guided rambles, bowling, theatre & cultural visits, arts & crafts, music & movement, coffee mornings, technology, cooking, speakers &  educational talks and games & quizzes. See below for poster information of clubs in your local area.

Some clubs are able to assist with transport, but all offer friendship and support.   Most club members pay a nominal donation towards meals and travel costs.

Clubs usually offer the opportunity for people to come along for the first time to see if the club is the right one for them before making a commitment to join 4Sight Vision Support.

Look through the club posters below for information on clubs in your area. Our clubs are ever evolving so for more information and how to attend, Call: 01243 828 555  or  Email:

Midhurst & Chichester

Shoreham & Adur Area

Our clubs are full of energy and are often growing. For the most up to date contact information and dates, please contact our main office:

Call:   01243 828555   or   Email: