Well Done & Thank You Everyone

Thank you for all the wonderful children and young people for getting creative and taking part in our festive competition.

Thank you for helping us raise awareness of 4Sight Vision Support, ensuring we can be there when it matters for blind and visually impaired adults and children in West Sussex.


Our panel of judges (including visually impaired staff and volunteers) loved all the creativity and the process to pick the winners was made difficult with the amazing job that everyone did. Lots of thought and care was taken to ensure it stood out for people living with sight loss including lots of bright colours, tactile features and descriptions that we were able to read out to all judges too.



For the video and audio description of the winning artworks please click here.


Age 4 and under:
1st – Amy, age 4
2nd – Darcie, age 4
3rd – Nancy, age 2
Age 5-7:
1st – Ivy, age 7
2nd – Florence, age 5
3rd – Kyla, age 7
Age 8 – 11:
1st – Mera, age 9
2nd – Katie, age 10
3rd – Bobbie, age 9


If you would like more information about the work we do or would like to set up your own fundraiser, please call our fundraising team on 01243 828555 or email fundraising@4sight.org.uk 

Click the button below to find out more about the services and support we provide to people living with sight loss across West Sussex.

Your entries … #FestiveFun4Sight