Calibre Audio reopens its postal service

We are delighted to share that Calibre Audio has reopened its CD and memory stick service for all members.

For further information about membership, contact Calibre Audio Membership Services on 01296 432339 or email


At Calibre Audio, we know our audiobooks are bringing members the chance to relax and escape into a good story, and feel less isolated at this difficult time.

This week our teams have been able to work from home and sign up new members . Our streaming remains available and I am delighted to announce that from Tuesday 14th April we are reopening our CD’s and memory sticks postal service. Our shop is open if member s want to buy a player.

We will be working within Government guidelines of social distancing and staff safety. We are aiming to post 5000 books out a week with a rotation of staff. For new member s we are aiming to get their first book in to the post in 48 hours. – Anthony Kemp, CEO of Calibre Audio

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