£500 Pledged to make a Vital Difference

We are delighted that Burgess Hill Town Council have recognized our valuable work and have pledged to support us with a donation of £500, to support the work of our outreach work in their community.

This donation will help us continue supporting visually impaired people who make use of our Outreach Services and reach out to those not yet in contact with us but would benefit from the work we do in helping retain their independence and prevent the risk of social isolation.

Our trained Outreach Workers provide face-to-face contact with people living with sight loss and acts in a proactive way to ensure that a diagnosis of sight loss is not a one-way road to loss of independence and isolation. This vital service will alleviate isolation and loneliness reducing the risk of serious mental health issues such as depression, provide skills and advice to continue living a fulfilling and independent life.

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We are grateful of the support from Burgess Hill Town Council and look forward to reporting back on the positive difference this money will have.

If your area or community group would also like to support the work we do, please get in touch today:

Call on: 01243 838001 or email at: fundraising@4sight.org.uk