Technology, has become a large part of our everyday lives, and due to continued technological advances over the last few years, the ability for people with sight difficulties to access technology is constantly improving.

What we focus on at 4Sight Vision Support is assistive technology and how best we can advise you to maximise the use of any current technology you may have. Whether this is built in accessibility features or extra assistive software, one of the Outreach Team will take the time to discuss all the possible options with you and demonstrate the features/software when needed.

At our centres we have a selection of laptops, tablets and phones, installed with assistive software and applications (apps), which our Outreach Workers would be more than willing to demonstrate upon request.

We also have technology clubs that are peer led, under the guidance of one of the Outreach Workers, which we believe is critical in the learning process as people obtain more from working with those in similar situations.

If you would like further information regarding technology and possible solutions, please call us on:
01243 828 555


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