Low Vision Aids and Magnifiers can be essential everyday tools for those living with sight loss. The aim of a Low Vision Assessment is to ensure that a person is offered the correct level of magnification and more importantly, how to use the low vision aid correctly.

Before making an appointment with you for a low vision assessment, our Outreach Team will advise you of alternative options on accessing a low vision aid, such as your local low vision clinic.

Our Outreach Team can carry out low vision assessments at our Sight Loss Centres. This service is available to 4SIGHT members and costs £10. Each assessment usually lasts approximately 1 hour and is tailor-made to meet each individuals needs.

Using a variety of reading tools and techniques such as Steady Eye Strategy and Skills for Seeing, the Outreach Worker will work with you to establish how best to maximise your remaining vision.

To arrange an appointment for a Low Vision Assessment, please contact your local Outreach Worker