Charitable Trusts and Foundations play an important role in helping 4Sight Vision Support to fund core costs and launch new projects in line with the changing needs of members.

4Sight Vision Support has been supported through many large national and small local Charitable Trusts and Foundations including; Bradbury Foundation, Morrison’s Foundation, Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust, Clothworkers Foundation, Henry Smith Foundation, Awards For All and Sussex Community Foundation.

Current projects which we are seeking to gain support to launch, expand or continue to deliver include:

Sight Care Advisor session

in two county hospitals offering immediate support after time of sight loss diagnosis.
£22.50 per session

NEW Low Vision Assessment Cost Abolishment

to make these assessments free for members
£80 per person

Outreach Worker

travel costs per year to travel to comfort of the homes of the elderly visually impaired people to undertake initial assessments and support after sight loss diagnosis.

4Sight Vision Support Social clubs

volunteer training and conference event, March 2018

NEW Kitchen Refurbishment

Change and updating of Kitchen equipment to make visually impaired friendly

Pop up monthly drop in outreach service

in local towns around the county

Membership Officer

Support to become full-time as part funded by Garfield Weston
£11,027 remaining to fund

NEW Volunteer Co-ordinator

new role to support the current 400 volunteers and recruit new volunteers around the county to support service delivery

NEW Minibus project

The cost of the provision of the minibus and volunteer support of it for three years
£26,637 (Year 1 minibus has been funded, £12,793)

NEW Marketing Officer

to help recruit members and supporters and raise awareness of 4Sight Vision Support’s support service

NEW Peripatetic Outreach Service, North of the County

New service expansion to take services out to the North of the County

NEW Space4sight

Old indoor swimming pool in HQ to be converted into a multifunctional room
£33,355 (£18,000 raised to date!)


We would welcome your Trustees to visit our HQ to meet key members of staff, 4Sight Vision Support members and volunteers, so that you can see first-hand how your support in making a difference.

Your support will be welcomed for any of the above projects or towards our charitable activity costs in general. If you would like further information on any of these projects then please so not hesitate to get in touch with me on 01243 838 009 or via email to