“4Sight Vision Support is a family. You can volunteer at 4Sight Vision Support at almost any age; you have always got something to give and so much to gain”

“I am currently helping to run two clubs for 4Sight Vision Support, The Yews Lunch Club and the Ramblers. The Yews has run for ten years and the Ramblers for nearly five years. It is all about friendship and being part of people’s lives.  You know you are supporting people who otherwise may not get out of the house, may not enjoy a regular good meal or talk to friends. You are just making peoples lives that bit easier. ”

“It’s so good to know that the support is there, and that people like 4Sight Vision Support are there to provide helpful advice and support”

“This summer, I had a nervous breakdown, not being able to cope with myself and my blindness. It was 4Sight Vision Support coming to Midhurst that gave me the professional, personal and caring help that I needed.”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for transcribing Sharon’s work into Braille this year.  It has made such a difference to her confidence level and she has been able to fully participate in all lessons (often being the first to answer because she reads so quickly).”

“For me, it was a new lease of life, meeting so many other members and blind people”

“I also wanted to say how much we value what you and the whole team at 4sight have done of us in terms of managing the very difficult experience of sight loss. It’s such a lonely and distressing thing to go through and at times we have felt overwhelmed, but every time we have come to 4sight we have had such a warm welcome and received such great care and advice that we have come away feeling happy and hopeful that this is not the end of everything mum has enjoyed but rather a new challenge and a new set of things to learn, and that it’s possible to have a really good life and to stay motivated and productive.”

“I was shown all the aids I could use to improve my life, not with leaflets but by a caring, knowledgeable person”

“Volunteers not only give but they get back as well. I have made many friends through 4Sight Vision Support. There are people I have known for years and see occasionally and friends I see regularly. Some are members and some are other volunteers. 4Sight Vision Support is a family. You can volunteer for 4Sight Vision Support at almost any age, you have always got something to give and much to gain”

“Talking to you and seeing the resources and the help that was available was so very helpful.”